Zappit Blackjack
£0.1 - £10
Game Info
Special features: Swap your cards if your first deal totals a hard 15 - 18Box limit: 10p - £100Play up to: 3 boxesRTP: 98.87%

Zappit Blackjack

How to play Zappit Blackjack

Who’s ready for some blackjack game? Well, you’ve come to the right and best spot at Magical Vegas! Scientific Games has designed a game called Zappit Blackjack!

Blackjack is a famous game that you might have come across in casinos. It is known as the 21-game and has many rules attached to it. How about playing this game at Magical Vegas on any of your favourite devices? Yes, Zappit Blackjack is optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Key Features And Betting

To start your gaming episode, pick the arrows that are shown on your screen to choose the chip values of your choice. The coin values vary from 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1, 5, 10, 25 to 100. You get to choose your preferred stake amount.

On Zappit Blackjack you will have a panoply of options available. These options allow you to modify your gameplay and become more at ease while you play blackjack. You will come across New Bet Icons, Rebet and Deal, Double, Stand, Hit and Split Options, Insurance Bets, Clear and Undo Options. You will see that they are in forms of buttons and carry out their respective functions.

You all must be wondering how is Zappit Blackjack played? It’s lemon squeezy. Here are the steps;

  • Two cards are distributed with each hand and two to the house.

  • The house’s cards are split one face up and one face down.

  • The total of any hand is the amount of the card values.

  • Players need to make a choice to either hit, stand, split or double their hands.

  • To win the game, players must get a better hand than that of the dealer, without surpassing a total score of 21.

You will come across the values of the following cards: Ace: One Or Eleven Points, Jack, Kings and Queens: Ten Points, Two – Ten: Face Values

Here’s a secret on blackjack, If any hand comes with a ten-point card and an ace, the person is known to have hit a Blackjack. Yet, there’s a little twist on Zappit Blackjack. Players may tap the Zappit Button to reject the cards in their hands and grab two new ones. How cool is that! But this can be done only if the hand had a total of 15 to 18 score. Note that the Zappit option is not offered if you have already tried an action on the hand. Ready to hit the game?

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Terms and Conditions

RTP = 98.87%