Grand Hold'Em
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Bet Limits: 10p - £200Max payout: £250,000Jackpot: No

Grand Hold'Em

How to Play Grand Hold’Em

Grand Hold’Em is a variation of the poker classic Texas Hold’Em. It can be played at the comfort of your home. Designed by Novomatic, the aim is to create a combination of 2 own cards and 5 community cards that beats the dealer's hand. What’s interesting? Each round starts with a basic bet (Ante). You can also go for an extra bet, Aces or Better. Are you ready to experience a thrill out of it?

Grand Hold’Em plays out with a traditional deck of fifty-two cards without jokers. Before each deal, you will notice that the dealer will shuffle the cards. And that’s part of the Hold’Em rules. The game takes place on a poker table. Once you set going, you will find the dealer sitting just in front. Grab any device of your choice and launch Grand Hold’Em at Magical Vegas Casino. Some fun gambling rounds await you!

Key Features and Betting

Chips on Grand Hold’Em are available in different values at the bottom of the screen. You can place chips of differing values on the Ante-bet and on the Aces or better-bonus-bet. These bet positions are visible on the table. To start the game, you must place an Ante-bet. Aces or better-bonus-bet is an optional stake that gives you more gaming options. You will also notice a Call-Bet. This is made if you want to stay in the game after the flop. How did you find Grand Hold’Em so far?

When you place the Ante-bet and click on Play, he deals two cards and two cards to himself. But he won’t show his hand. Besides, he reveals three community cards. Both the dealer and you can use them for combinations. You must then decide how to act. Two options are at your disposal to help out:

  • Call – Keep playing and place another wager in the amount of two ante

  • Fold – Leave the game, fold the cards and lose the ante

If you opt to call, the dealer deals two more community cards. Both of you then make the best five-card combination of seven they have. This process occurs automatically. The dealer will then check for the minimal combination, which is a pair of fours. If he/she doesn’t have one, you win a payoff in the amount of one ante. Now if the croupier has the game, he/she compares his/her hand with yours. In the event that you lose, the dealer leaves without both bets. In case the dealer wins, he takes away one ante. Call awards pay by an index of formed combination:

  • Royal Flush – 100:1

  • Straight Flush – 20:1

  • Four of a Kind – 10:1

  • Full House – 3:1

  • Flush – 2:1

  • Straight or lower – 1:1

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Terms and Conditions

Malfunction voids all plays and pay. RTP = 97.84%